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We keeping the process simple and try to sell your FBA
Business as early as possible. With interest from multiple
buyers you get the best deal with high negotiation.
Submit your startup for sale (10-15 Mins)
Create an account on AcquireBase and enter important information about your startup review.
Evaluation and review (24-48 Hrs)
We'll review your site to determine if it's a good fit for your buyers community. You'll hear from us within 48 hours.
Response to potential buyers
Once your startup is published, interested buyers will contact you to make an offer or ask a question.
Get LOI & Negotiate with buyers
Once the buyer shows interest, ask them to share the LOI (Letter of Intent). Get LOI from multiple buyers & negotiate parallely to get the best deal.
Sell securely with
After you've shared data, finalized negotiations, and you and the buyer are happy, ask your buyer to start an Escrow Pay transaction.

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